[rescue] Understanding Err#25 ENOTTY ?

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Mon Jul 7 18:52:30 CDT 2014

>> Actually, it looks to me like evidence that the file is being read
>> with stdio, which attempts a tcgetattr() or something like it [...]
> I did not know that fopen()/fread() did that internally; I don't
> immediately see that in the Illumos source.  However, it's pretty
> hard to read, so I might be missing something.

It's certainly possible that Illumos doesn't do it.  I've seen it in
enough syscall traces that I've become accustomed to seeing it as
evidence of stdio, but it's entirely possible that only some stdios do
it, or some stdios do it for only read-only opens, or some such.  The
stdio I have easiest access to at the moment does an fstat() and then
does a TIOCGETA only sometimes - based on incomplete evidence and
guessing, I'd say it does it only when the fd is connected to a device.

It's entirely possible that the TCGETA in the trace has nothing to do
with stdio.  It was a total guess on my part and stands a good chance
of being wrong - but it seemed likely enough to be worth mentioning.

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