[rescue] Understanding Err#25 ENOTTY ?

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Mon Jul 7 17:20:10 CDT 2014

>> If you look what happens immediatly after the ioctl() call, we see this :

>> llseek(5, 288, SEEK_SET)			= 288
>> read(5, " m p a t h\0\0\0 3\0\0\0".., 36)	= 36

> That makes me think that the fd variable is being improperly reused
> or that the ioctl() call is completely superfluous.

Actually, it looks to me like evidence that the file is being read with
stdio, which attempts a tcgetattr() or something like it on each fd, so
it can set buffering as appropriate.  (I'm not sure how necessary this
is for read-only streams, but some stdios seem to do it for them too.)


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