[rescue] PDP-11/34 available in Edmonton, Alberta

Andrew Warkentin andreww591 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 5 17:13:15 CDT 2014

My hackerspace (ENTS; http://ents.ca/) recently got a large donation of 
equipment and components from an automation company. Most of it was test 
equipment but there was also a PDP-11/34 with two RL01 drives. An LP11 
and a DZ11 are also installed. Several RL cartridges are included, 
although some are RL02 cartridges, and one is a VMS 3.0 distribution 
cartridge. There are also a few boxes of documentation that we haven't 
gone through yet (although I'd be surprised if there were anything there 
that's not on Bitsavers).

It draws a bit too much power for us to run it there, so we are looking 
to sell it. I am not quite sure what is a reasonable price is, but I'm 
thinking somewhere around $200-$300. However, we are open to offers. I 
just don't want to see it scrapped. The buyer would have to either pick 
it up or pay for shipping themselves.

Labels of included RL cartridges:
BC-M951G-BC (RSX-1M+ pregenned dist kit) (RL02)
BC-V981E-BC (RSX-11M+ 2.1 MPU21E dist kit; has note saying it has 
errors) (RL02)
AX-D820B-BC (BSC-11/IAS-RSX V2 bin) (RL01)
AX-J624A-BC (KED/RSX 1.0 bin) (RL01)
VAX/VMS 3.0 required (RL02)
Northwest Digital Sales - CTOS - Version 4.0 RSX Demonstration Disk 
(RL01) (not quite sure what this is)
"Scratch Disk" (RL01)
"Editors" (RL01)
one more disk may be in one of the drives since there is a spare cover, 
but I'm not sure

Next time I go there I should really go through the documentation and 
see if there are cartridges in either of the drives.

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