[rescue] Might rescue a B1600 w/ B100s blades: licensing issues?

dillwyn at room53studios.com dillwyn at room53studios.com
Fri Jul 4 21:58:40 CDT 2014

> I don't remember needing any kind of HW licenses for that gear.
> Congrats on the find. Unfortunately the x86 CPUs for that are all
> Intel 32bit based, and they only had USII Sparc CPUs. But still an
> awesome piece of HW. IIRC each blade had 2x gigabit ethernet ports
> assigned to it via the backplane. Blades were Netbooted, too. My
> memory is fuzzy, though.

Thanks! If the netboot process is similar to the lightweight Netras
of the same era, then I should be fine.

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