[rescue] Might rescue a B1600 w/ B100s blades: licensing issues?

dillwyn at room53studios.com dillwyn at room53studios.com
Fri Jul 4 21:48:58 CDT 2014


Thinking about adding a Sunfire B1600 chassis with a handful
of B100s blades to my collection of old Sun gear.

I have a dim recollection of management licensing issues on
used blade servers, though not necessarily Sun's. Is there
anything like that I need to worry about?

I'm not talking about whatever Oracle calls things like the
descendants of the Solstice products, just something which
might interfere with getting it up and running if I have to
do a factory reset type of thing. (Assuming such a reset is
possible, if I encounter a password prompt when I connect
a terminal.)

BTW, all the hard drives have been pulled from the blades.
Any risk the replacements will need special firmware, or a
weird, proprietary bootloader written to the first few
sectors, etc? Years ago, I got burned on a Dell-branded
Clariion filer with a couple of dead FLARE drives, and I
don't really want to deal with problems like that again.

Thanks in advance,

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