[rescue] some rescues

Walter Belgers walter+rescue at belgers.com
Thu Jul 3 13:32:20 CDT 2014


Im still jealous about rescuing a Sun-1, but the last weeks havent been bad
for me either..

I finally got some official Oracle Solaris 11 install media. It seems they are
not available via normal channels and are only given away at Oracle seminars?

But I got some better stuff as well.

- A SunFire V250
Although somebody on eBay is selling a lot of them at this very moment, they
seem very rare. Id never seen one before.

- Solaris 7 source code

- Solaris 8 source code

- Solaris 2.0 Golden Edition
Unopened Solaris 2.0 that was given to a few selected customers that had been
beta testing Solaris. Signed by Bill Joy. Original press release:

Walter Belgers
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