[rescue] MSVC on WINE - was Re: Has freshmeat.net disappeared forever?

Jonathan Groll lists at groll.co.za
Tue Jul 1 10:39:13 CDT 2014

On Tue, 01 Jul 2014 11:12:07 -0400, Andrew Jones <andrew at jones.ec> wrote:

> On 06/30/2014 02:05 AM, Jonathan Groll wrote:
> > They're to be found at modern.ie in case anyone is interested. 90 day
> > license period, so you have to reset your environment every 90 days if
> > you use it for anything other than IE11 testing.
> I bet you can squeeze a little more out of it with slmanager /rearm

Actually, I like to keep Windows 'fresh' and uncontaminated. I do use
it mostly for the intended purpose of web browser testing but will
install things like Safari (for Windows) into the VM too. Doesn't take
too long to reset it 4 times a year, and it is worth wasting that time
in my opinion.

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