[rescue] Request about IBM 1620 computer

Rogelio Montañana rogelio.montanana at uv.es
Tue Jan 28 07:22:32 CST 2014

Dear Colleagues:

Our University has an IBM 1620 Model I computer, which of course is not
operational since more than 30 years. As part of a computer science museum
we are now in the process of restoring it to the best possible physical
conditions, at least from a cosmetic point of view.

Most of the central unit is relatively well preserved, but we have a problem
with the teletype unit because the cover is lost. I wonder if anybody out
there has another similar teletype unit 8with cover) and would be willing to
make a few pictures of the cover or, even better, make a mould out of it.
That way we would be able to reconstruct a new cover for our IBM 1620
teletype. I am sending attached a photo of our teletype unit to give you an
exact idea of what I am talking about.

Thank you very much,


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