[rescue] Looking information about old cisco routers

Rogelio Montañana rogelio.montanana at uv.es
Tue Jan 21 07:50:31 CST 2014

Dear colleagues:

We are now in the process of creating a computer history museum in our
University. For the communications part we have several cisco routers,
specifically CGS, MGS, IGS and AGS+. All of them are working and we have
made a demonstration network interconnecting them.

Besides the hardware itself I would like to add a short document with
technical and commercial data about the routers. I have asked Cisco about
that, but surprisingly they have no information, apart from a few trivial
facts that I already knew.

If anybody has some information, for example data sheets or catalog pages
for those products, it would be great. Also first and last date they were
sold, list prices and so on would be interesting.

Thank you very much,


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