[rescue] Sol7 x86 Sol 7 hardware support help

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.cc
Mon Jan 20 09:47:32 CST 2014

On 01/17/14 06:26 PM, simon at livve4u.com wrote:
> it must be 7 as software am using was designed for 7 x86 :(

Could you please share what your Solaris 7 application is?  And possibly provide 
some back story as to why this application will only run on Solaris 7?

I (personally) have had very good luck with Sun's Application Binary guarantee. 
  I have one application that was compiled on Solaris 2.6 that still runs fine 
today on Solaris 10 & 11.1.

> If you can't find hardware from the Solaris 7 HCL, your best bet might
> be to get Solaris 8 to run in a branded zone/container on modern Solaris
> with the migration tool.

If his application can truly only run correctly on Solaris 7, VirtualBox might 
be the way for him to go.   I believe what you are describing here is the Sun 
project Etude, which allowed administrators to run a Solaris 8 (and later 
Solaris 9) in a Solaris 10 zone.  Solaris 11 has a similar function which allows 
for the running of Solaris 10 in a Solaris 11.x zone.  My understanding is that 
etude is/was Sparc only.




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