[rescue] HP OS DAT tapes and Palm Pilots free to good home!

Peter Stokes peter at ashlyn.co.uk
Fri Jan 17 10:55:12 CST 2014

Hi All

Had a clearout recently and came across these which I thought someone may have
use for, no idea if they are good etc as not been used in many years.

3 off HP original DAT media distribution tapes

1- HP-UX Install tape HP9000 Series 700 a.09.05
2- HP-UX Runtime Support HP9000 Series 700 A.09.05
3 SBE SEU Driver HP Series 700 Compatible HP-UX 9.01

Also I have a couple of old Palm Pilots (no cables) one is a Professional and
one is a 1000, cannot remember the difference....

No idea if they work, available from me in UK, all I ask is to cover postage.

Peter Stokes
Tel: 01636 627990
Mbl: 07977 532320

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