[rescue] SCSI: cables, Sun Unipacks, 13W-3 cables

hike mh1272 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 9 10:08:39 CST 2014

Offered: A variety of SCSI stuff
   Sun SCSI cables and terminator
     Includes one (1) vert old style 3 row cable and terminator
     DH, VHD cables and terminators
   Non-sun internal SCSI cables and terminators.
     External L-brackets for PC-style slots
     SCSI to SCSI-HD

Sun Unipacks (3 or 4; one maybe open faces)

Also: Sun and non-Sun 13W-3 video cables, DB15 to 13W-3 adapters

I am located in Knoxville, TN, 37931.
I would prefer a local pickup.
I am not able to get out on a daily basis to ship stuff but if you can wait
until I get out (1 day to 2 weeks), I will ship via UPS or FedEx.  I will
need a USPS money order to cover costs or a UPS or FedEx shipping number
that bills you.

I prefer to ship to one or two peoplebso all the SCSI cabling, all the
video cabling, all the Sun Unipacks, etc.bI canbt do small lots or ones &
twos.  (It is much easier for me to go to the electronics recycle site than
ship ship.)
I prefer a local pickup if someone is local to Knoxville, is passing
through, or has a friend in the area.

I will have more Sun stuff as I finished cleaning out all the Oracle stuff.
 I have a workstation and Sun USB keyboards and mice that will be posted
later.  I will post these as I sort these.

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