[rescue] To A/UX or not to A/UX, that is the question

Andrew Warkentin andreww591 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 28 18:57:35 CST 2014

In order to run A/UX (or any other standalone Unix for 68k Macs), MMU
and FPU emulation isn't enough. Most 68k Mac emulators use Toolbox ROM
hacks instead of emulating actual devices. While A/UX does use the
Toolbox ROM in its Mac OS environment, the kernel mostly ignores the
ROM (AFAIK all the kernel does with the ROM is provide a driver that
lets the Mac OS process call it) and uses its own drivers instead.

The only 68k Mac emulator that does full emulation of I/O devices is
MESS. It also emulates the MMU and FPU. A/UX does almost work in it,
but there are still a few bugs that stop it from actually working (I
think there's at least one in the SCSI host adapter emulation). One of
these days I should try to track down the remaining A/UX-related bugs.
I think pretty much everything that's needed to run A/UX is already in

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