[rescue] RT-11 manuals, VAX manuals, AUI for pickup

John Floren john at jfloren.net
Tue Feb 25 01:48:52 CST 2014

I'm cleaning out the closets and I've found a bunch of stuff that I
never look at, so anyone in the Bay Area can come get:

* 4 big binders of RT-11 documentation (operation manual, utilities,
programming, application files)
* About a dozen Sony QD-600A tapes
* A whole load of VAX, VMS, and PDP-11 books from DEC
* A bunch of AUI-twisted pair boxes, one AUI-thinnet box, and some AUI cables.

Please please PLEASE come take all of it at once! The whole load will
fit in a single car trip. I'm in Livermore.


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