[rescue] Help needed with Sun V65x

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 19 06:34:36 CST 2014

Well, I got Solaris 10 installed off a DVD - I pulled a compatible DVD drive
from a Sun V240 that was otherwise unoccupied at the time.

The first attempted install hung while trying to (as I recall) confirm network
settings after I attempted a 'networked' install. I gave it several hours to
time-out, but it never did. Looking back, the bootstrap program couldn't
configure either e1000g0 or e1000g1, I suspected driver issues. Walter
privately confirmed that support for these NICs was spotty, but could be made
to work.

The current install was 'non-networked' and went without a hitch from a
Solaris 10 DVD image Oracle made available online.

For now the machine is back to it's original state - I've got two sun QFE
cards I might stuff in it, just to see if they work, but other than that, my
experiments are done with this box - time for it to find a new home...

Is anyone here interested in this system? As a reminder it is in excellent
(brand new) condition, has all original accessories, and has 2 3.06 CPUs, 2x 1
Gig PC2700 memory DIMMs, and a single Sun 73G SCSI HD that has a total of
maybe ten hours use on it. It includes 5 empty HD trays, as well as the 5
original blanks.

I don't think as a computer it is worth much, but as a conversation piece that
is in brand-new condition it can't be beat!

Shipping will not be cheap, so be forewarned... Anyone interested please
contact me off-list, I am open to any offers exceeding the 12 cents a pound I
could get scraping this system... I'd rather not scrap it, it looks so nice!


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