[rescue] Help needed with Sun V65x

Patrick Giagnocavo patrick at zill.net
Tue Feb 18 15:01:35 CST 2014

It seems rather obvious in retrospect, that the low-end doesn't really cannibalize the high end.  

If Sun was really all about "the cloud" or "grid computing" then obviously selling a bunch of 1Ghz US IIIi in a motherboard with 4 DIMM slots (max 8 or 16GB), 2 gigabit interfaces, onboard SCSI or SATA and 1 or 2 PCI slots isn't going to stop a buyer who wants a big technical workstation or needs a huge bunch of IO.  And they could have been profitable selling them for $995 (assuming the Netra X1 was profitable at that price point).

But as much as I like Jonathan Schwartz and some of his ideas, the execution and strategic decision-making of Sun during those years wasn't very good...



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On 02/18/2014 12:10 PM, Patrick Giagnocavo wrote:
> Instead they tried to retreat to the high end and suffered a similar
> fate as SGI as they gave up more and more ground - remember that the
> Indy was about $5K at introduction.

Every UNIX vendor tried to get into that $5k price point in the early 
1990s.  HP 712/715, Sun ELC, SparcStation 1, DEC Jensen and so on.

I think there was, briefly, the hope that UNIX workstations could 
eclipse PCs.
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