[rescue] Help needed with Sun V65x

Patrick Giagnocavo patrick at zill.net
Tue Feb 18 11:10:05 CST 2014

The server market is somewhat lucrative, I suppose that the plan was to do in x86 what they had done with SPARC. 

Problem is, that they never really went whole-hog with it, never had the level of integration they could have wrung from it.  They were always afraid of cannibalizing SPARC with what they were doing.

What I never understood was why they didn't take a cheap CPU, like the CPU used in the Netra X1 series, increase clock or make it a dual-core system and sell it for $1000 or so.  Would have been a perfectly acceptable way to drive more SPARC adoption.  Instead they tried to retreat to the high end and suffered a similar fate as SGI as they gave up more and more ground - remember that the Indy was about $5K at introduction.



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They LOOK nice, but performance was never their strong suit, I think it was
more about retaining market share from whitebox and OEM server vendors as
clients jumped off Solaris/SPARC boxes...


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>> Hi
>> All the X series, ie x86 kit have a normal BIOS as in normal PC server.
> Thank you. I feel a lot better about not having a Sun x86 box now!
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