[rescue] Help needed with Sun V65x

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 17 20:49:01 CST 2014

Hello all,

I was hoping to install Solaris on this V65x I cane across, but the only
ISOs I can find are either DVDs (Solaris 10) or CD-ROMs for a version of
Solaris my hardware doesn't support (Solaris 11.1)...

Is there such a thing as Solaris 10 install CD-ROM? Is an ISO available?

I tried USB DVD drives, no go. I tried swapping the internal CD with a DVD
drive, no go. (HW not even recognized by BIOS)...

Any pointers would be great, for now I am limited to OS I have CDs for,
nothing off DVD...

Thanks in advance,


Lionel Peterson
lionel4287 at gmail.com

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