[rescue] Recycled P4 machines - Re: Fixed LCD's?

Scott Newell newell+rescue at n5tnl.com
Fri Feb 14 18:08:26 CST 2014

At 01:17 PM 2/14/2014, Peter Corlett wrote:
> > I generally estimate annual cost of 24x7 loads as $1/watt (8760 hours in a
> > year, so I'm assuming power is about $0.11/kw-hr). Stick a kill-a-watt on
> > some old computers and you might find new stuff looks attractive!
>Is that $0.11/kWh from a recent bill? Energy prices have been rocketing over
>the last few years and you might be working from out-of-date figures.

Nope, that was back in the summer. Right now it's $0.06 for the first 
600 kWh, $0.05 after that (winter rates).

newell  N5TNL

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