[rescue] Fixed LCD's?

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Fri Feb 14 16:12:21 CST 2014

You're no fun.  Gotta solder SMDs with a Weller 8200 if you really want fun
(and have a light touch).


On Feb 14, 2014, at 2:36 PM, Jochen Kunz <jkunz at unixag-kl.fh-kl.de> wrote:

> Am 14.02.14 00:58, schrieb J. Alexander Jacocks:
>> I heartily recommend the Weller WES(D)51 units.
> Stay away from Weller. At ocasion I had to use various Wellers in the
> past 25 years. From the old fashioned Magnastat to the latest digital
> controled soldering stations. Weller soldering irons are especialy bad
> at delivering large amounts of heat. Soldering to a ground plane without
> heat traped soldering pad - no chance. Soldering a wire to a larger plug
> - no chance. Desoldering? No joy... It allways caused me grief when I
> had to use a Weller.
> ERSA is much better then Weller. But I think they are not big in busines
> in "The New World".
> I wanted to try Metcal. But used Metcal equipment is very hard to find
> here in Germany and expensive when baught new. Eventually I gave up and
> baught a OKI MFR 2241. It uses the "Smart Heat" technology from Metcal.
> What a blast! I never used soldering equipment that performed so well as
> the OKI MFR. It is amazing how small and easy to handle the MFR irons
> are. Yet they are able to deliver an amazing amount of heat when needed.
> Working with those tools is a pleasure.
> So, if you are in the USA I recommend to have an eye on a used Metcal.
> If you wane somthing new go with OKI MFR. Comparable or even cheaper in
> price then Weller but performs much, much better.
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