[rescue] Fixed LCD's?

Jochen Kunz jkunz at unixag-kl.fh-kl.de
Fri Feb 14 13:36:16 CST 2014

Am 14.02.14 00:58, schrieb J. Alexander Jacocks:
> I heartily recommend the Weller WES(D)51 units.
Stay away from Weller. At ocasion I had to use various Wellers in the
past 25 years. From the old fashioned Magnastat to the latest digital
controled soldering stations. Weller soldering irons are especialy bad
at delivering large amounts of heat. Soldering to a ground plane without
heat traped soldering pad - no chance. Soldering a wire to a larger plug
- no chance. Desoldering? No joy... It allways caused me grief when I
had to use a Weller.

ERSA is much better then Weller. But I think they are not big in busines
in "The New World".

I wanted to try Metcal. But used Metcal equipment is very hard to find
here in Germany and expensive when baught new. Eventually I gave up and
baught a OKI MFR 2241. It uses the "Smart Heat" technology from Metcal.
What a blast! I never used soldering equipment that performed so well as
the OKI MFR. It is amazing how small and easy to handle the MFR irons
are. Yet they are able to deliver an amazing amount of heat when needed.
Working with those tools is a pleasure.

So, if you are in the USA I recommend to have an eye on a used Metcal.
If you wane somthing new go with OKI MFR. Comparable or even cheaper in
price then Weller but performs much, much better.


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