[rescue] Fixed LCD's?

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Thu Feb 13 17:48:54 CST 2014

> Desoldering tools are another story.  I agree that the spring-plunger
> type are better than bulbs (the comparison to braid isn't really sound,
> they have different purposes), but that's not saying much.  The biggest
> problem with the spring-plunger tools is that they jump off the work
> from spring recoil every time you hit the release.  I'd really love to
> find or devise some sort of low-cost continuous-suction desoldering tool.

I probably don't do the precision work mostly talked about here; I don't 
mess with multilayer boards much at all. Regardless of the level of 
difficulty, a desoldering tool is almost as important as the soldering 
iron when you are removing components. Very frustrating without one.

I'm picturing something that looks like a 3" tall shopvac hooked up to a 
standard desoldering tool. :-)


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