[rescue] Fixed LCD's?

Andrew Hoerter amh at POBOX.COM
Thu Feb 13 17:48:38 CST 2014

On 2/13/14, Phil Stracchino <phils at caerllewys.net> wrote:

> I'd suggest something like an Aoyue 937.  It's a quite respectable
> digital temperature-controlled soldering station, good for a lot of
> beginning to mid-range work, and you can get it for about $60.  It won't
> discourage you by being a useless piece of festering dreck, and it won;t
> break the bank if you decide soldering is not for you.

I've got no experience with Aoyue, but the Hakko FX-888 can also be
easily found for under $100.  Mine has served me very well.

Just stay away from new manufacture Weller stations, their quality has
taken a nosedive in recent years.  I opted for Hakko after a brand new
Weller came DOA out of the box.

> Desoldering tools are another story.  I agree that the spring-plunger
> type are better than bulbs (the comparison to braid isn't really sound,
> they have different purposes), but that's not saying much.  The biggest
> problem with the spring-plunger tools is that they jump off the work
> from spring recoil every time you hit the release.  I'd really love to
> find or devise some sort of low-cost continuous-suction desoldering tool.

If you succeed in that quest, let me know; I can't justify the cost of
a hot-air rework station given how infrequently I have to desolder
components, but it'd be really nice to have when I do.

There are a few el-cheapo rework stations out there, but the quality
seems to be hit or miss.

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