[rescue] Disposable electronics is unsustainable - Re: rescue Digest, Vol 135, Issue 8

Toby Thain toby at telegraphics.com.au
Thu Feb 13 07:37:50 CST 2014

On 13/02/14 2:09 AM, Mouse wrote:
>>>> The cost of repair for a small business is more than the cost of a
>>>> new LCD monitor.
>>> That's completely dysfunctional and we should work to change it.
> By making new ones more expensive, or making repairs cheaper?  In
> either case, how?


A $100 (probably not a sustainable price, given that it's full of 
nonrenewables) screen that is held hostage by an 18c resistor (in one 
case of a 24" Samsung that probably cost $400+) or $2 worth of caps ... 
does anyone see a problem here?

>> It might not even be true.  Peter just said he fixed a bunch.
> Yes...at what cost?  I'm four for four, I think it is, at fixing LCD
> flatscreens by re-capping. ...
> Yes, the current state is unsustainable in various ways.  But I have
> trouble seeing any way it's likely to change short of actually running
> into its unsustainability. ...

That's assured.

Human nature's great, eh.


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