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The cost of repair for a small business is more than the cost of a new LCD
monitor.  Plus, the newer ones are better performing.  A small business can
expense these and reduce their tax burden.

It is helpful to those who canbt afford LCD monitors and other PC
to receive them (gift/barter/etc.).  When I used PCs, I would always hand
my old ones down to friends and family.

If you get a lot of the same model, you might have a friend who could learn
how to make these repairs.

Anyway, it is good of you to help others.

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>>  There have been occasional publicised quality incidents, but basically
>>> ALL such power boards have a limited lifespan. There will be a constant
>>> stream of LCDs in dumpsters forever.
>> That's fine by me!  More for me to fix and keep, donate, give to
>> neighbors for
>> a home cooked meal, etc.  My problem is having the time to fix and space
>> to keep once fixed. :)
>> ... however I am only on person, and it's a shame that perfectly good
>> LCD's
>> (sans bad caps) are being thrown out
> It's outrageous.
> --T
>> Fred
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