[rescue] Wisdom of the Collective: QFE

Patrick patrick at zill.net
Sun Feb 9 14:25:46 CST 2014

1. Try clearing cmos first, pull the little button battery, etc.

2. Pci cards are cheap , you should have a spare qfe or other quad card 
anyways :)


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On February 9, 2014 11:28:51 AM Phil Stracchino <phils at caerllewys.net> wrote:
> Folks, I solicit the wisdom of the Collective.
> Situation:  My old firewall bastion host is a 1U box with a Tyan S2098
> Pentium3 board, running OpenBSD.  All of the firewall ports are on a Sun
> QFE, 501-5406-07 Rev 50.  It's a dual-voltage card, with both 3.3V and
> 5V enable notches.  It works perfectly in the Tyan's 5V 32-bit PCI slots
> We had a power outage recently when a tree-cutting crew slid on an icy
> private road and ran their truck into the power lines.  *Despite* being
> on the protected side of s 3KVA UPS which protected all of my other
> equipment, this appears to have damaged the memory controller on the
> Tyan.  It now fails early-boot memory tests if any two known good RAM
> modules are installed.  It a single module is installed, it makes it
> about half to two thirds of the way through boot before the kernel blows
> chunks.  It DOES, however, boot far enough for me to see that the QFE is
> still working; all four hmes come up the OpenBSD device scan, and any
> ports connected get link.
> A co-worker sent me a spare HP DL320G2 to build a replacement bastion
> host on.  The DL320G2 has a single 3.3V 64-bit PCI slot.  The QFE fits
> into it fine, but does not initialize at all.  It does not even appear
> on the bus as an unknown device.
> Hence the question:
> Has anyone here ever tried running a QFE in a DL320, and did it work?
> Does anyone know whether a QFE *should* work in a DL320?  At this point
> I am beginning to strongly suspect that the DL320's PCI slot is dead,
> but I no longer have *any* spare PCI cards I can test it with.
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