[rescue] Wisdom of the Collective: QFE

Phil Stracchino phils at caerllewys.net
Sun Feb 9 12:28:51 CST 2014

Folks, I solicit the wisdom of the Collective.

Situation:  My old firewall bastion host is a 1U box with a Tyan S2098
Pentium3 board, running OpenBSD.  All of the firewall ports are on a Sun
QFE, 501-5406-07 Rev 50.  It's a dual-voltage card, with both 3.3V and
5V enable notches.  It works perfectly in the Tyan's 5V 32-bit PCI slots

We had a power outage recently when a tree-cutting crew slid on an icy
private road and ran their truck into the power lines.  *Despite* being
on the protected side of s 3KVA UPS which protected all of my other
equipment, this appears to have damaged the memory controller on the
Tyan.  It now fails early-boot memory tests if any two known good RAM
modules are installed.  It a single module is installed, it makes it
about half to two thirds of the way through boot before the kernel blows
chunks.  It DOES, however, boot far enough for me to see that the QFE is
still working; all four hmes come up the OpenBSD device scan, and any
ports connected get link.

A co-worker sent me a spare HP DL320G2 to build a replacement bastion
host on.  The DL320G2 has a single 3.3V 64-bit PCI slot.  The QFE fits
into it fine, but does not initialize at all.  It does not even appear
on the bus as an unknown device.

Hence the question:
Has anyone here ever tried running a QFE in a DL320, and did it work?
Does anyone know whether a QFE *should* work in a DL320?  At this point
I am beginning to strongly suspect that the DL320's PCI slot is dead,
but I no longer have *any* spare PCI cards I can test it with.

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