[rescue] Wanted: 8-bit ISA CGA or EGA card

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Tue Dec 16 09:17:43 CST 2014


I got a freebie IBM XT (5160) that appears to have a bad CGA card in it. 

Trawling through the depths of the basement has not turned up a suitable
replacement card.

If anyone has a functional CGA or EGA card that they would like to part
with, please let me know. If an 8bit VGA card exists, that may be OK as
well, but seems a waste of my otherwise useless vintage CGA/EGA Zenith
monitor :-)

Symptoms on the "bad" card are that at power-on it puts up a "jail-bar"
like pattern with some reverse flashing characters in it, and then will
start to display the memory count  and banner, but these are offset -
best way to describe it is like the left "edge" of the screen is in the
middle of the physical display. So - the banner text starts in the middle
of the screen, and then wraps around to the left.

No obvious issues of loose chips or cap failure on the card. I'm
suspecting that some of the RAM chips on it have gone bad, but I'm too
lazy to try and figure that out :-)



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