[rescue] Sparc Server 1000E - looking for Supersparc module

supervinx supervinx at libero.it
Tue Dec 16 01:46:11 CST 2014

Il giorno mar, 16/12/2014 alle 07.05 +0100, Arno Kletzander ha scritto:
> Vincenzo (aka Supervinx) <supervinx at libero.it> wrote:
> > Damn...
> > Filled all bank-0 and bank-1 of System Board.
> > Restarted: two HDs dead, a Supersparc module fails its post.
> > Now I'm running with 7 processore...
> >
> > Do you have a spare Supersparc cpu module?
> >
> > Thnks!
> > -- 
> > Vincenzo (aka Supervinx)
> Hi Supervinx,
> Have you already inspected the connectors/tried re-seating the problematic module?
> Tried moving it to another position to see whether the error moves with it?
> I've had more than one error (mainly on Enterprise gear however) mysteriously disappear just for some "jaggling and juggling".
> If necessary, you might try to clean the (plug) contacts with some IPA or contact cleaner and a just-stiff-enough brush.
> I do also own a SS1000 with 2 System boards, one CPU each, and the corresponding SPARCstorage Array but did not have any problems with it yet.
> Fingers crossed,
> Arno
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I moved the CPU module from A to B position.
I moved it to another board.
I swapped boards position.
I cleaned contacts.
Nothing. The CPU module fails it post in every position.
Now it's not recognized at all :(

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