[rescue] Sun-3 Feeler Gauge - Chicago

Jason T silent700 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 14 18:34:29 CST 2014

I've recently accumulated a few too many Sun-3 era machines of the
deskside variety - that means large and heavy, taking two people to
lift them.  My intention is to inventory them all, assess what I've
got and build at most two
maxed-out systems.  This will probably leave at least three chassis
that I'll be wanting to rehome.

I don't know when I'll have the inventory done.  Probably not any time
soon.  This is a long-term, spare-time project....but I need the space

What I'd like to get now is an idea of how much, if any, interest
there is in a Sun-3 deskside in the local area.  Shipping is unlikely
to be cost-effective but that's your call. If I know I can rehome one
or more without major hassle, I'll be more inclined to work on them.
Since it's going to take a while, anyway, I don't mind holding onto
one for a bit, if you've got to come from out of town.  Next VCFMW
will be too long to wait, though.

I won't want any money for them but I'm always up for trades,
especially if what you've got is a lot smaller :)

Let me know here or off the list.


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