[rescue] Sparc Server 1000E

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>I suspect that messed up the ram.
>The first cpu module is full populated.
>The second half populated.
>The third and the fourth modules are empty.
>Should I redistribute the ram through the modules?
>1) fill bank 0 of all modules, starting from #0
>2) fill bank 1 of all modules, starting from #0
>if ram it's not enough, fill the low numbered modules first.

In the vein of "better late than never," here are the SS1000E memory rules:

1)  Minimum memory configuration is 4 SIMMs in Group 0.
2)  Use 8MB SIMMs 501-1817 and 32MB SIMMs 501-2196.
3)  Install all Group 0 SIMMs on all system boards first, beginning with the lowest board slot number.  Then populate Group 1 in the same order, followed by Groups 2  & 3.

It says there may be more information in the Memory Module Installation Guide, 801-2030-12.


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