[rescue] Floppy disks and lifespans

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Thu Dec 11 08:27:40 CST 2014

> I'm wondering if any of you have any hard data on the quality of media over
> time, such as floppies and CDROMS.  Not a terribly important question I'll
> admit but one I have always been curious about.  Plenty of my old C64 disks
> still worked the last time I used them and they were almost 30 years old at
> the time.  that's both the 5 1/4 180K per side ones and the 800k double
> sided..  I have found PC disks from the 90s that were completely unusuable
> and had been stored in the same place and under the same conditions.
> Information density may be part of the reason for that.

CD-R should last much longer than DVD-R.

I bought a BD-R drive and discs with the idea of long term backup. Wrote 3 
copies of stuff to some discs, and put them on a shelf in dark and nice 
temp and in cases. 7 months later none of the data was readable :-( 
Memorex discs which are rebranded some other company. Wasn't impressed.

I used to run a site called Dustbunny, planning to bring it back. Can't 
wait for the 8TB seagates next early next year.

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