[rescue] Sun 2/120FS case - looking for Sun 4/110 keyboard/mouse

Mike Tuffs tuffsfamily at mac.com
Tue Dec 9 22:10:32 CST 2014

Well, the local craigslist excitement was short-lived, as the Sun 2/120FS
turned out to be only a
PSU and card cage, but the lady selling it did also have a Sun 4/110 so I
picked that up as well.
So, Im looking to trade the 2/120FS case (which does include a monster PSU
and card cage,  for a
working Sun 4/110 keyboard & mouse. Im based in Portland, OR, so a local swap
would be best.
I also have type 4 Sun keyboards &  mice, and lots of Sbus cards, if anyone is
interested in trades.

Thanks Mike

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