[rescue] PCMCIA and sbus

Arno Kletzander Arno_1983 at gmx.de
Mon Dec 8 12:07:17 CST 2014

On Mon, 8 Dec 2014 16:14:16 +0100, Jonathan Katz <jon at jonworld.com> wrote:
> All,
> Has anyone with a sun4u or sun4m system gone from sbus->PCMCIA->USB to
> access peripherals (printers, storage, etc?) What OSes and what
> peripherals have you used? It would be interesting/fun to be able to
> use USB sticks on a Sparc 20.
> -- 
> -Jon

Hmm, a few years ago, on a different mailing list and inspired by some 
of those anachronistic peripherals that the enthusiast community keeps
creating for vintage computers, I had already wondered aloud whether it
might be feasible and useful to construct a USB HBA for sbus machines.
Due to lack of time and knowledge, I haven't pursued that endeavour for
myself and probably won't be able to do so anytime soon, but perhaps
somebody with more cycles to spare will entertain the idea as well.

So long,

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