[rescue] Looking for Ehman or Radius FPD/Portrait display, or video card info

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Sun Dec 7 20:01:01 CST 2014

I'm working on restoring a MicroMac SE, which was a third party case and
power supply where you would stick in a Mac SE motherboard, along with a
special video card (and maybe an accelerator), and would then use an
external monitor. This was to give more video options than then provided
by the "classic" Mac form factor.
Issue is that the video card, which is based on Lapis hardware, seems to
be set up to run a full page/portrait display at 640x870 resolution at
(presumed) 75hz. The video out port on the card is DE-9, but is "supposed
to be" VGA.
Problem is there is absolutely no docs on this card anywhere, nor any
extant drivers. One other person over at the 68kmla.org site has the same
setup, and he and I have failed at getting the card to output anything
legible with DE-9 to HD-15 VGA converters, though he is close. Using
Lapis drivers from that time, he can get a scrambled image. Using the
card in an SE, it seems the card wants to be driving an Ehman portrait
Both the Ehman and the Radius FPDs from the time use 9-pin connectors, so
we're thinking that one of these two monitors might do the trick.
So - if anyone has an Ehman or Radius FPD they can part with, please let
me know. One Radius is on that auction site, but for more than I care to
pay right now. Otherwise, there are a few Apple portrait displays, but
they use a 13W3 connector - which may be fine - and I think we'd have
better luck with Ehman/Radius.
Likewise if anyone has info on the MicroMac Zero-Slot video card for the
SE, please share :-)
Here's the thread that discusses this at 68kmla.org

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