[rescue] FTGH: UPA, SBUS, and, MBUS hardware

Jonathan Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Sun Dec 7 17:44:30 CST 2014

On Sun, 7 Dec 2014, Mouse wrote:

> Now you indicate it can do double-buffering too.  I do wish Sun's old
> hardware documentation program had produced more results before it fell
> victim to the Oracle takeover.)

It may only be the GX+ and TGX+ that can do double-buffering.  I made an
effort to avoid GX and TGX consoles because of how horribly slow they
felt relative to anything else I'd used.

> Well, I don't want to be greedy.  If other people want some of them, I
> see no reason to not spread them around, but I would cheerfully take as
> many of the capable-of-larger-resolutions ones as you care to allocate
> to me off your hands.

One of the NetBSD folks has asked for the TGX-A and one of the MGX boards,
but the other are all still available.  I don't want to threaten them with
scrapping, but there's a lot less interest in these than there as in OS/2

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