[rescue] FTGH: UPA, SBUS, and, MBUS hardware

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Sun Dec 7 08:32:22 CST 2014

" From: Mouse <mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG>
" >> If any of these can do higher resolutions than 1152x900, I'd be most
" >> interested in getting hold of them.  [...]
" > The -2325 and -2922 can only do 1152x900 and 1024x768, but the 2253
" > and 3rd party clones are more flexible.  I don't know how much
" > framebuffer they have, though, so you might be limited to a
" > single-buffered display.
" I don't know how to make a cg6 do double-buffering anyway, except via
" colourmap trickery.

from http://www.sunhelp.org/faq/FrameBuffer.html

" The TGX/TGX+ are compatible with the GX/GX+ but are faster and support
" more resolutions. (The T stands for Turbo). The GX/TGX have 1Mb of
" on-board memory, which gives them a maximum resolution of 1152x900.
" The GX+/TGX+ have 4Mb of memory, which is used for double-buffering
" and optimisation, and has a maximum supported resolution of 1600x1280.
" Note that unlike some PC graphics adaptors this memory CANNOT be used
" to give more than 8 bit colour.
" []
" 501-2253 - TGX Plus. Older model. Same chip and names as TGX (501-2325)
" 501-2955 - TGX Plus. Newer model. 

i'd like to know how the Integrix SXT200 does
	 r1600x1280x66 r1600x1280x60 

also from the fb faq:

" Here is the appropriate voodoo for several supported resolutions. Note
" also that this will only work for the TGX or TGX+. 
" []
" 1600 x 1280 at 76 Hz	216000000,101890,76,24,216,280,1600,2,8,50,1280,COLOR,0OFFSET

i have a pair of tgx+ and a couple of tubes capable of 66hz refresh,
but none that will do 76hz.
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