[rescue] Basement Cleaning

Cory Smelosky b4 at gewt.net
Sun Aug 31 16:13:32 CDT 2014

On Sun, 31 Aug 2014, der Mouse wrote:

>>>> Sun3/60:
>>> I'd be interested in this.  Very interested.
>> Oh no - sorry, Cory. This one already got claimed by someone else a
>> few hours before you.  [...]
> I'm not sure where "48067" is, though if (as seems likely) it's a USA
> zipcode, I've found indications it's in Michigan.  If a bit east and,
> probably, north of there would be useful, I have a few -3/60s in Ottawa
> that I wouldn't mind finding good homes for.  (I've also got some other
> hardware, from the 9U VME era - -3/260 and -4/470 are the numbers I
> recall - looking for homes; once I find the round tuits, I'll do an
> inventory and post about them.)

Ohio for me, shipping from Ottawa to here wouldn't be too 
immensely dreadful.  Working on getting the damn VAX 6000 from Finland 
will be much more terrible. ;)

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