[rescue] Basement Cleaning

der Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Sun Aug 31 11:53:36 CDT 2014

>>> Sun3/60:
>> I'd be interested in this.  Very interested.
> Oh no - sorry, Cory. This one already got claimed by someone else a
> few hours before you.  [...]

I'm not sure where "48067" is, though if (as seems likely) it's a USA
zipcode, I've found indications it's in Michigan.  If a bit east and,
probably, north of there would be useful, I have a few -3/60s in Ottawa
that I wouldn't mind finding good homes for.  (I've also got some other
hardware, from the 9U VME era - -3/260 and -4/470 are the numbers I
recall - looking for homes; once I find the round tuits, I'll do an
inventory and post about them.)

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