[rescue] Alphastation 300 Questions

William Barnett-Lewis wlewisiii at gmail.com
Sun Aug 31 11:02:18 CDT 2014

So, since the SS5/Netra is on temporary hold I turned to the other toy my
friend gave me yesterday, a DEC Alphastation 300 4/266. 1 ST12400N, 1
ST31230N, floppy, CD, 1 gb ram. Unknown video.

I've plugged in both a VGA & my DEC VRC16 monitors, PS/2 keyboard & mouse
and I get no video out on either monitor, only a "keyboard error" on the
LEDs on the back of the computer. I've also tried a USB keyboard that is
known good via a usb/ps2 adaptor with no joy as well.

Any other troubleshooting ideas?


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