[rescue] Basement Cleaning

Barry Callahan barryc at rjlsystems.com
Sat Aug 30 19:32:47 CDT 2014

Huh. You're in Royal Oak. I'm in Troy.

If nobody else speaks up for the TRS-80 stuff, I can take it off your 
hands. Not sure when I'll get around to rehabbing it, as I still have 
yet to work on the H-89 That I've got. Once I find the toits, I'm pretty 
sure it's got bad caps in its power supply. It'd be an interesting 
addition to my collection, but I don't have any particular emotional 
attachment to the Tandy line.

Jason T. in Chicago is scanning a pile of Sun docs that I threw at him a 
while back and posting them on http://chiclassiccomp.org/docs/index.php 
... if you want, I can see to it that your stash makes its way to him 
for similar treatment.

I wouldn't mind taking that Ultra 2 off your hands. The system I had set 
aside for myself when my boss purged the boneyard at the office got 
swept away to the scrappers with the rest of the pile, after nobody 
spoke up for it.

You wouldn't happen to want a Sun Blade 2000, would you?


On 8/30/2014 7:55 PM, John Carr wrote:
> Basement cleaning time again...
> A few things in the list got listed before. There were a few takers and
> then some family health issues sidelined me. I didn't get them out in
> time, and I never heard back from the original takers. So, those are
> back with a few others. I'd love to see these find new homes instead of
> end up in at the recycling center.
> These are free for the cost of shipping from 48067, or if you want to pick
> them up, that would be even better!  If anyone is interested in the
> TRS-80 Model 3, specifically, let's arrange a meetup since I'd hate to
> see it get damaged in transit.
> I have even more parts down here, such as some SBUS cards, other old
> cards, etc. I'll post them as I dig them out!
> Sun3/60:
> 24Mb RAM
> EEPROM 3.01
> Ultra 5s:
> OBP 3.31
> 256Mb
> US-IIi 360MHz
> 6Gb drive
> Ultra 2 Enterprise 3D:
> 296MHz
> OPB 3.11
> 128Mb
> 18Gb drive
> dead cd-rom
> Netra T1 105:
> 128Mb
> 2x9Gb drives
> iMac 233 Bondi Blue:
> 256Mb
> 20Gb HD
> TRS-80 Model 3:
> Piles of documentation and disks
> Not sure if it works; I've had it for 14 years and never really tried.
> It powers on and either the contrast or brightness pot is stuck because
> there's no display.
> *** willing to deliver this one to a good home within ~500 miles of
> 48067 ***
> Other stuff:
> ThinkPad X6 UltraBase
> Comes with: extra long-life battery for ThinkPad X60S & DVD/CD-RW drive
> Sun 611 case w/Super 8 Drive
> Original Sun Documentation:
> Writing Device Drivers (sun-2, sun-3, sun-4). Part #800-1780-10
> SunView 1 Programmers Guide. Part Number: 800-1783-10
> 4.0 Programmers Guides Minibox. Part Number: 825-1050-10
>          Includes:
> 	C Programmers Guide (800-1771-10)
> 	Assembly Language for Sun-2 and Sun-3 (800-1773-10)
> 	Programming Utilities & Libraries (800-1774-15)
> 	Debugging Tools (800-1775-10)
> 	Network Programming (800-1779-10)
> 	Writing Device Drivers (800-1780-10)
> 	Floating Point Programmer's Guide (800-1552-10)
> 	SunView 1 Programmer's Guide (800-1783-10)
> 	SunViwe 1 System Programmer's Guide (800-1784-10)
> 	Pixrect Refernce Manual (800-1785-10)
> 	SunCGI Reference Manual (800-1786-10)
> 	SunCore Reference Manual (800-1787-10)	
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