[rescue] Sun Netra i (rebadged SS5) Questions

William Barnett-Lewis wlewisiii at gmail.com
Sat Aug 30 15:03:16 CDT 2014

So I got given a Netra I today. Quick look inside shows it's 110mhz
Microsparc SS5 with 1gb drive & 32 mb ram. Plug it in and power it up but
after much whirring and flashing of LEDs on the type 4 keyboard I'm not
getting anything on the DEC VRC16 I have handy - not sure about the
compatability issues with this monitor and the Sun. A _long_ time ago it
was what I used with a VLC/4000 and an SGI Indy.

I also have a 20" Sun monitor  but no 13w3 to 13w3 video cable. Anyone have
a cheap one?

Also, does the SS5 have NVRAM issues like others of that age?

How hard is it to find ram for it?

My goal is to put OpenStep 3.3 Sparc on it.


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