[rescue] Question on V490 power

Jawahar Panchal jpanchal at global-macro.org
Mon Aug 25 11:34:47 CDT 2014

On Aug 25, 2014, at 11:30 AM, William Enestvedt <William.Enestvedt at jwu.edu>

> Jay wrote:
>> The power supplies are the original ones - just had a quick glance at them
> and
>> noticed they were not 110vac - but did not look 3-phase either, so assumed
>> they were single phase ~208vac.
>   Yeah, 208. Once Upon A Time we ordered three V890s and they arrived with
> the 208V PSUs. The sales rep kind of threw up their hands and fluttered
> and refused to do anything, so we had to have the campus electricians rig
> special power under the floors. (Never did business with that company
> When we ordered V490s, I made extra-special certain that they came with
> "normal" 110 PSUs.

My theory is that these would be the same ones as those on the V480! This at
least gives me some hope that running these would @100vac is possible!

>   So yes, those are most likely the stock PSUs. I wish you luck in getting
> that server running: it's loud and hot but gets a lot of work done!

Thanks! I will not be running it continuously for sure (wife and dog would
both disown me!), more for experimenting and just plain ol fun factor! :)

> - Will
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