[rescue] FFS: Sun 501-5401/X7053A, 256MB DIMMs available (SunBlade 1k/2k, etc)

Cory Smelosky b4 at gewt.net
Mon Aug 25 00:10:34 CDT 2014

I could use some. Gotta identify bad sticks in a V480

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> On Aug 25, 2014, at 0:55, Steven M Jones <smj+rescue at crash.com> wrote:
> A short while ago I took Mr. Sturges up on his kind offer of a few
> 501-5401 256MB DIMMs. As fate would have it, I then received a box of
> additional parts from Ms. Campbell, so I've got a few more than I need
> at present.
> These parts are for the SunBlade 1k/2k, various Sun Fire servers like
> the 12k, 15k, and 38/48/6800 series, and V490/880/890/1280. Actually
> more, but you can use Google or the FEH as well as I can. A pack of four
> of these parts, for a 1GB total, is known as the X7053A option.
> Anyway if you can use 'em, it's first come, first serve, for cost of
> shipping - which will be a small USPS flat rate box, a bit under $6.
> Each respondent gets a set of four, in order, until they're all
> allotted. I'll collect responses until Wednesday the 27th at midnight,
> US/Pacific time. Sure, I'll ship overseas via USPS for $5 over whatever
> the S&H cost works out to be - that's just to cover a beer for the extra
> paperwork.
> If rescuers don't want them, they'll find homes elsewhere. But as they
> came to me through the list, y'all get first crack.
> Thanks,
> --Steve.
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