[rescue] Question on V490 power

Jawahar Panchal jpanchal at global-macro.org
Sun Aug 24 22:48:20 CDT 2014


First time posting on this list - wanted to thank all the folks on here for
the great info and conversation - have been a reader on and off over a few

I may be able to acquire a V490 machine from a friend - however the specs on
the machine show it as 208VAC single phase power supplies only. As I only have
regular household 110vac phase-neutral circuits available, I was wondering if
anyone has ever run a V490 with power supplies from a V480 or such (looking at
the images of the power supplies shows what looks to be identical connectors)?
Any other possibilities on 110VAC operation?

Ive never had a chance to fiddle with a US IV machine - so this would be a
great opportunity if I can get the power figured out


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