[rescue] New Sun Docs Posted - Hardware too

Jason T silent700 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 19 00:51:08 CDT 2014

Three new Sun binders scanned tonight with a pair of special docs this
time.  It's all been software previous to these but tonight we have
the elusive (at least I couldn't find it) Sun PROM User's Manual (doc#
800-1736-10.)  This one has lots of juicy info going back to the Sun-2
(including the LED flash codes I'll need to diagnose my -2 boards) up
through some of the Sun-4 series and the 386i.  I'm sure a lot of that
info is out there in FAQs and Usenet posts but this may be the source
of that knowledge in one place (not to discount personal experience.)
There is also a system diags manual that spans a few platforms as
well.  And riding along with these two is the "Editing Text Files"
tome, covering your favorite editors of the period.

The filenames are here:


and the files can be found here:



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