[rescue] Time to start shipping from Dallas...

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 18 17:54:33 CDT 2014

Hello all,

Well I've begun to settle in the Dallas area, and I need to resume shedding
bits I packed in NJ.

I've got a few items that are essentially ready to pass on to someone local
if interested:

Two brand-new old-stock 17" CRT monitors. These are unused monitors perfect
for someone looking to set up a retro system with a CRT vs. a flat panel.
For local pick-up the Irving, TX area they are free - elsewhere they are
available for $5 plus actual shipping (to cover costs of driving to

Three Dynex (Best Buy) ATX cases with power supplies in the 500 watt rating
range (from memory). I bought these because I planned on building some
CHEAP white-box servers for a cluster project a few years ago. These are
also available got free if local pick-up, $5 plus actual shipping elsewhere.

My swing-away 48 port Cat5 (Cat5E?) patch panel with wall mount bracket. I
believe I had an individual that was interested in this before my move, but
I wasn't able to get it to a shipper before the move. It's available, and
if the original interested party is still interested, please drop me a note
and I'll get it out to you right away.

I have much more to dispose of, including some older Sun systems (U5/U10,
U2 and even a U30 and a U60) all of in unknown condition (they were pulled
working, but may have sat idle for over 5 years). They are available
immediately for local pick-up in as-is condition. When time permits I will
test them and consider trying to figure out shipment/packaging.

I have that Intel four bay NAS box that Mr. bill was interested in the last
time I mentioned it - Mr. Bill, if you are still interested (Intel ss4200 ?
I don't remember now and it's too hot to toss through the boxes in the
garage to confirm) I'm happy to send it to you for free, if anyone else is
interested, I'd like $25 + actual shipping. This box takes 4x SATA drives
and has hardware RAID IIRC.

And finally, I have my 'classic' perfect condition Sun V65 2U x86 server -
it is also available for free local pick-up or for actual shipping plus $5.
This was a never-been-used cold spare I bought years ago on eBay and never
used until a few months ago, and then only to test. It looks beautiful
(brand new condition), and is still in it's original packaging. I simply
couldn't bring myself to scrap it. Out includes rack rails as I recall and
all documentation. Has SCSI HDs and RAM, ready to run.

The defining attribute that makes each of these items available is that
they are big, are items I'm not interested in any more AND they are
essentially ready to ship once someone expresses their interest.

Please drop me a note off-list if interested in any of these items - I am
located in the Irving, TX area.


Lionel Peterson
lionel4287 at gmail.com

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