[rescue] NeXTSTEP or OPENSTEP?

Michael Parson mparson at bl.org
Wed Aug 13 14:17:50 CDT 2014

On Wed, 13 Aug 2014, Bill Martin wrote:

> This has been, without a doubt, the most intelligent, balanced, and 
> interesting flame war I can remember in 20+ years of Internet lurking.  But 
> ironically there's one item that y'all agree on that I disagree with, at 
> least in part.  It's this statement:
> "I can't say I disagree with this too much... Yeah, the built in apps suck, 
> but they've always sucked on Windows."

Not sure they agreed on that statement, it was mine, and this is only my
second post on the thread. :)

> I think that the Win8 weather app is the best of any I've seen. Lots of info, 
> 3 different weather services' forecasts, and the least obtrusive ads by far. 
> It almost makes the hassle of getting the tiles usefully arranged (and the 
> obnoxious tiles removed) worthwhile.  I have it on my taskbar.
> And the financial markets app (including its tile) is quite good.

So, two out of.... how many?  And it just took them 28 years to get a
couple of default apps that didn't suck too much? ;)

Michael Parson
Austin, TX

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