[rescue] Win 8 issues

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 10 11:28:02 CDT 2014

(Sorry for adding to non-Rescue topic, this should probably be on Geeks)

Has your wife updated to Win8.1?

It's a free upgrade for non-enterprise users (enterprise users have to
re-image, but it's also free) and includes the ability to have the user
default to a 'classic' desktop (start menu, etc, just like Win7).


> On Aug 10, 2014, at 11:09 AM, "Carl R. Friend" <crfriend at rcn.com> wrote:
>   Does it have to be this way?  Is the GUI so tightly integrated with
> the kernel that other shells cannot be provided?  NO -- on both counts.
> What Microsoft *should* have done is offer multiple shells and let the
> user-base determine which one it wants to use based on hardware and
> personal preference.

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