[rescue] NeXTSTEP or OPENSTEP?

Liam Proven lproven at gmail.com
Sun Aug 10 10:10:49 CDT 2014

On 10 August 2014 16:57, Raymond Wiker <rwiker at gmail.com> wrote:
> I disagree completely -- Windows 8 on a desktop computer is a usability
> disaster. The fact that the Metro UI makes (some) sense on a tablet PC does
> not in any way justify foisting it (and the Metro apps) upon users of
> PCs.

Everybody does.

However, the point remains, no matter how many people dislike it, that
it /is/ entirely usable. I speak from direct personal experience,
using it daily for many weeks. It does work, and remarkably well with
a mouse and keyboard.

But yes, it is a better experience on a touchscreen system, which is
what it was primarily designed for.

However, although it may be many things, MICROS~1 is not stupid.
"Modern" got a lot of testing, and is the descendant of a GUI that was
initially deployed on the Zune media players, then later on Windows
Phone 7, before it ever came to desktop Windows.

I know that many people -- perhaps most -- dislike it, but it does
work. I understand not liking it, but it is usable and it is
functional, because I used it myself and it works fine.

For what it's worth, I also have direct personal experience of clients
of mine who used it and liked it.

It's comparable to Office 2007 and its successors. I hate them myself
and find the old menu-driven interface of Office 4 through to Office
2003 much easier, quicker and more efficient -- but for complete
beginners, the "Ribbon" is easier.

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